Are you either super-conservative with your post natal clients - or are you ignoring the fact they're mums all together?

This polarized approach to training women is actually doing them a massive disservice - they're either not empowered to reach their full potential, OR they're injured and often drop out of participation in sport all together as a result...

Do you know how to restore your clients’ core? Are you actively part of their rehab whether from hernia, pelvic floor or spinal problems, or are you losing them to injury or Pilates?

This 13 CEC online at-your-own-pace course will help you build your clientele and keep them! Learn to how take to make positive improvements in your clients’ well-being – from restoring their core to running a marathon, lifting heavy weights, participating in Crossfit again or whatever activity brings them happiness.

The course will guide you through practical, evidence-based progressions, logically and step-by-step. It will make you a trainer who is indispensable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do i have to complete these courses?

You have lifetime access to these courses and can complete them at your leisure. We recommend completing the exam within 12mths while the information is fresh!

How do i collect my CECs?

Once you've made your way through each courses lecture you'll follow a link to an external, multiple choice exam. You must achieve a mark of 80% of higher in the exam, after which the certificate, with your Fitness Australia code, will be emailed automatically.

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