Hi, I'm Clare!

I'm an internationally accredited business coach, integrative health coach, strength and conditioning coach, state sailing coach, and pre and post natal master trainer. I've built three personal training studios from the ground up, and now help personal trainers achieve their business goals.

This Business Mentorship is a cost-effective way to work your way through all the steps to build your best business, and you'll have access to me all the way through.

Mentorship format:

  • 4 New Business Sessions released every year, and all past sessions are incorporated in this mentorship.
  • All sessions are online and self paced.
  • Invitations to up to 4 Live sessions per year mentoring
  • Soundboarding in our exclusive Facebook group.
  • Ongoing access to all recordings, past and current.
  • Opportunities to solve your biggest business problems.
  • Opportunities to participate in personalised coaching sessions, specific to your business and needs.
  • Opportunity to request bespoke topics to suit your individual needs.
Sneak Peak - The Gender Pay Gap

How to ask for for what you're worth in your fitness business: price positioning, ideal earnings, and how many client's you'd need to work smarter, not harder.

Sneak Peak - Define YOU

Let's work on your unique selling points and what differentiates you from literally every other trainer out there.

Your elevator pitch will take your message from beige to rainbow coloured and attract clients from everywhere!

Sneak Peak - Marketing Basics for Your Fitness Biz

Marketing is not about "likes" and "comments" on your abs... It is a targeted approach to talking to your perfect customers. Learn how to find them, how to work out their problems, how to solve their problems, then how to speak to your potential customers!


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